The Athlete is a brand-new media outlet that is a sports streaming network and website, covering all local, high-school, collegiate and professional sports. This newly designed site offers broadcasting streaming of games and events, notably games and events that don’t get immense media coverage on other platforms and outlets.


The Athlete is not only a streaming platform of games and events but a hub of sports world coverage highlighting games, events, fashion, branding, entertainment and technology. Most importantly and the inspiration of its namesake, The Athlete brings major coverage of the competitors themselves, highlighting and profiling both male and female athletes extensively.


The Athlete hopes to bring to light the stories, trials, struggles and sacrifices that high-school, amateur, collegiate and professional athletes experience on a daily basis as they push themselves to success and glory. The Athlete will not only cover and highlight stories on the field/court but also stories off the field/court, as sports is a microcosm of human society.

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